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Understanding the process of Screenprint

We thought a little peak into how it all happens might make it easier to understand.

Getting your design from a digital image on screen physically onto a garment or product via screenprint.

See below our step by step break down of how it all works.

Sending over artwork is the most important phase, making sure you send clear and high resolution files will only increase the outcome at the other end.

Send artwork files in high res PDF, AI or Vector's

We then proof you back a visual representation: this will include the garment you've chosen and its colour, the print, check this closely our visuals are not graded 100% they are for a visual purpose only. You must check the key at the bottom of your PDF. You will notice the print size and any pantone colour references.

Films: Once you have approved your artwork we will print onto a clear film for every colour in that design. These films are then taped onto a screen and exposed in a high UV light

SCREENS: a physical screen (stencil) is created with the design for each colour and location. These are then ready to sit locked in place on our automatic machine.

Printing: Each screen is set in place on one of our 8 arms. Each screen accommodates a single colour for each design. You can only print one location at a time. Each screen is locked into place and your ink colour is spread on the screen, a squeegee automatically applies pressure to push the ink through the screen.

The Bed: Arms have flat beds and are sprayed with an adhesive glue, you then lay your garment on the top and it spins round the carosel until it hits the station needed. If you have more than one colour in your design your garment may pass through a flash dyer to dry before it hits the next colour to print. When it comes back around the garments is lifted off the board to head through a drier.

Drying: All printed goods have to head through our gas drier, the lowest temp to cure most prints is at 160 degrees. Specialist inks and garments need to have a different approach but thats where our team of specialist know what's best to do.

All in all it's pretty complex but we know how to make it work.

*please note all images are from a different project.

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